G Suite could be understood as a collection of various tools and services that help companies bring the teams together more efficiently. Nevertheless, the subscription of G suite is often found expensive by many organizations. It is the reason many big and small companies are looking for alternatives to G Suite that have the same set of features without any compromise.


Here we have gathered the list of the 6 best G Suite alternatives in the article, and mostly the services are collaborative and have all the essential features that one may need in a highly productive suite. Let’s go through the list and try to find the best service provider for you.


Megamail could be a safe bet if you search for the best G Suite alternative with all the popular features. It is a comprehensive office suite that comes with all the tools and services required for your business. You will be able to create personalized emails for your business with your domain name, and it will help you promote your business in communications with the client or a consumer.

We offer many features like 100% API support for email administration, modern and responsive HTML5 front-end graphic user interface, different permission levels, overall control over data with the client-server, and the ability to back up contact and email data, etc. Megamail is one of the alternatives to G Suite that offers a money-back guarantee. Here are the four most popular pricing options by Megamail:

  • You can obtain the most popular with a total email space of 10 GB and unlimited domain mailboxes with huge sending of 200,000/mo, autoresponders, and much more for $1 for the first month and then for $5 per month with a 14 day refund period.
  • For 30 GB of storage, you will be getting 60% off for the first month and then $12 a month within 14 days of the refund period.
  • 50 GB for $21 a month with 60% off for the first month and a 14 day return period.
  • For 100 GB of storage, you are only required to pay $35, and you will also get a discount of 60% in the first month.

Zoho workspace

An affordable Google workplace alternative is offered in the form of a Zoho workspace that could be understood as an integrated online office application suite including a word processor, email hosting platform, web conferencing tools, chat functionality, and more.

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Workspace has the capacity of gaining access for features such as 30 MB mail attachments, countless organizations and private chat channels, 5GB file upload for dogs, and even integration of workspace free of cost up to 50 users that makes it an excellent choice for small businesses as businesses that have over than 50 users could access all of these features and more through the standard or professional versions.


Although Dropbox business does not offer features like email, presentation, etc. It does go toe-to-toe with Google drive for a business that makes it a considerable alternative for organizations looking for affordable cloud storage.

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Dropbox has developed in the world of team management and collaboration and made its name in the cloud storage market. By combining all available files within a safe, centralized repository, Dropbox business has made sharing files and folders easy for team members, editing documents in real-time, providing feedback, and many more. All these from one access point.


Rackspace is an email hosting company that also presents a suite of office apps in collaboration with Microsoft. Rackspace is deeply integrated with Office 365 that makes it a complete service for productivity. You also have the facility to access Office 365 on the cloud and cooperate with your group members effortlessly. As Microsoft Office provides services for content editing and collaboration, you could guarantee its reliability.

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You also have Outlook and Microsoft Exchange for communicating within the team. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that Rackspace offers no OneDrive cloud storage so you will be required to buy a separate OneDrive subscription if you want to store files on the cloud. Rackspace has very devoted customer support in all three channels as it is with other providers. If you are the owner of a small business and need a collaborative service for cheap Rackspace, it could be a great alternative.


Samepage offers services very similar to G Suite you as it is an All-in-One collaborative service for content creation and seamless sharing. It doesn’t offer email hosting like offered by other productivity services; instead supports third-party email integration. It is not one of the best solutions, but if you are already hosting an email service somewhere else, Samepage could be a great tool for bringing your team together.

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Samepage provides text editors, presentations, calendar management, and many more office apps. You also have the option of bringing multiple people on a single document and brainstorm without much trouble. Chatting, video conferencing, and comment support are also supported inside all the office applications.

The best thing about Samepage is that you will not be required to move your Dropbox or Onedrive storage to Samepage. You have the option for simply connecting your cloud storage, and it will be available to you right there. You can also use cloud storage for storing and syncing files. Additionally, the same page is working to bring all third-party services in one place to help your team work better and more productively. Samepage could be a great centralized portal for you who are already using multiple services.


FastMail doesn’t fit into the G Suite alternative; instead, it is a prominent email service for providing businesses with email accounts. If all you want is to create a professional-looking email address for your company, fast mail could be the most reliable and secure email service provider you could opt for.

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One of the best features of first mail is that it is completely private and doesn’t monetize your data. You are not shown ads or learn your interest from the email messages and unlike Gmail.


For choosing a perfect Google workplace alternative, you should find these recommendations useful in your research. You should take up the trial version to understand the features, as it will allow you to understand the functions of the platform.