Before we go into this, let’s have an overview of the plans that G Suite offers.


Before we go into this, let’s have an overview of the plans that G Suite offers.

Before 6 December 2012, Google offered a free standard edition of G Suite with reduced functionality, which has been grandfathered in for anyone who signed up and registered their domain before the cut-off date. Now, the price depends on how big your company is and how many users there are in your company that will be using the service, with each tier offering more features and storage than the previous version.

In the market, there are three versions available for small and large businesses alike:

G Suite Plans
*Offer available to new G Suite customers only. This introductory price only available for the first 20 users added, for 12 months. Standard pricing will apply to all users after 12 months. Customers may cancel at any time.

gsuite pricing Megamail - Is G Suite Too Expensive? Well Yes, but there is no reason!

The pricing is per Mailbox(Very expensive)

Let’s learn more about G Suite pricing

Basic: 30GB of shared storage across Gmail and Drive for each user(Mailbox). This plan includes all of Google’s productivity apps except Cloud Search (an app with the ability to search across your entire organization’s content in G Suite), App Maker (the tool that builds custom apps for your business), and Vault (for data retention and eDiscovery for G Suite). This plan costs only 6USD/mo/mailbox.

Business: Essentially, G Suite Business plan topped the Basic plan for its inclusive of unlimited data storage. The Business plan is best suited for big organizations that involve huge amounts of data and enormous repository storage. Furthermore, the Business plan includes Vault, Cloud Search, and app development features. With the addition of multiple tools, the cost is only 12USD/mo/mailbox.

Enterprise: The Enterprise plan is designed for businesses that require cutting-edge features such as advanced security and administration controls, eDiscovery, and data loss prevention. All these comprehensive products included in the G Suite Enterprise only cost 18USD/mo/mailbox.

If you run an institution or are in charge of your institution’s IT department, you can get G Suite Education for your faculty and students. G Suite Education has two versions for the institution:

G Suite Package
G Suite for Education: Contains all the productivity tools just like G Suite Basic but with additional storage for Sites, Drive, and Gmail, and free access to Google Vault. G Suite for Education is and always will be free.
G Suite Enterprise for Education: Offers additional capabilities designed for large institutions, with additional enterprise-grade capabilities. Includes advanced controls, enhanced analytics and search, and enterprise-grade communication tools. Business for Education costs $4/user/month for faculty and staff and $4/user/month for students.

We learn here that G Suite is very expensive compared to Megamail.

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