Email is perhaps the only thing that still hasn’t changed much from the news era. They remain a convenient way to communicate with people all around the world. This is essential for any business or startup. It holds all the conversations, important details, and records.

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Email hosting is similar to the facilities of website builders. Email hosting plans are a convenient and affordable way to provide a more secure service. It is easy to search for an Email hosting market with the availability of standard and affordable services. Check out the article below to know more about the ten best Email hosting services for Businesses and Startups.

  1. Megamail

Megamail is one of the best affordable Email hosting services available that gives the best value for the money you invest in it. We have an Email structure that makes it simple to create Email campaigns that fit best for your potential customers. It delivers complete support to manage the Emails, provides authorization to send and receive emails, controls data, authenticates data in Emails, etc.

Also, we have the best prices on the market, starting at $5. We only charge our users based on the storage they use. It costs only around $1 for the first month if you want to use 10 GB of space for unrestricted mails and a price of $5 for the coming months. Also, it takes a price of $12 a month for a capacity of 30 GB and $35 for a capacity of 100 GB. Not to mention, we are also offering a discount of 60% for the first month. Hence, Megamail can be a perfect choice for your businesses and startups.

2. G Suite

G Suite is a successful free and paid Email option as it is fast and stable. G Suite is a series of Google cloud-based work tools that include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc. It helps you to share files, interact quickly, and get people together at various places. G Suite lets teams work quickly and do more daily.

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G Suite was built to reduce the special problems caused to cloud platforms. The consistency and usability requirements of Google extend to companies, schools, and the public. Each user of G Suite has 30GB of storage on Google applications. The G Suite version has unrestricted capacity for five or more users or 1TB of storage for four or fewer users.

3. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an Email hosting service and an online workplace package bundled with a stack of extra services. Some additional features of Zoho Mail include offline mode, undo mail, huge attachments up to 250MB, audio and video, and many more.

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You can download the Zoho Mail app on Android or iOS mobiles. You can also connect social media variants, comment and exchange files, and handle activities directly to your Inbox using streams and tags. Zoho Mail is an attractive alternative to Email hosting starting at just $12 per annum and with a capacity of 5GB. The high package provides storage of 30GB per device for Zoho Docs and Zoho Office Suite.

4. Hostinger

Hostinger provides different Email hosting services to make it easier to use, send, and check your Emails by providing a Flockmail interface. This also includes a calendar app that facilitates scheduling and organization. Furthermore, it also has video support for conferencing and is particularly useful for business use. Two major plans are available, each with up to 50 email addresses, antivirus testing, and support for multiple devices.

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The Email hosting plan provides 10 GB storage and two mail filters per Email box for just $0.99 per month. The corporate Email hosting scheme raises these values to $2.49 a month for 30GB of data and unrestricted mail filters. Hence, the Email hosting plan of Hostinger provides flexibility for a very reasonable price.

5. DreamHost

Dreamhost professional email hosting services give a clear business profile to your clients and prospects. You can deliver messages to your website from your Email address. You don’t always need to change the hosting package, to begin with, DreamHost. This secure, simple but robust framework operates on any domain name you own.

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You can drag and drop Emails between various directories, route messages via personalized names, and automatically configure distribution filters. Prices are cheap and differ on whether you choose to pay monthly or stick to yearly payments. Monthly plans cost $1.99 a month and an annual agreement of $1.67 per month.

6. Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 can be a perfect choice as your Email host and helps you create Emails for business and remain synchronized. Access your mail, calendars, and contacts anytime from your computer or mobile using your smartphone.

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You can use Email hosting to send files up to 150MB. It also offers a capacity of 100GB to store personalized pictures and formats for your Emails. Microsoft 365 is the safest way to shield your Emails from possible cybercrimes through anti-spam filtering or malware security.

7. RackSpace

Rackspace is one of the best solutions for inexpensive Email Hosting for your business. Companies will send professional looks to their Emails without much investment. It also offers full privacy and protection for your business data.

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All RackSpace plans have Email storage of 25GB. Supports up to 50MB of the Email attachment. The plans begin at $2.99 per month for a single user and require a minimum of 4 Email accounts.

8. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has helpful Email software and functions that can assist you with your Email marketing. Besides, the mailbox will support you from a list of options.

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The Email hosting service gives you more uptime to make sure your efficiency is secure. A bunch of Email tools is free to load on any Email hosting account. These tools can be found and managed from its control panel, known as cPanel.

9. Amazon Workmail

Amazon Workmail offers a stable and simple Email service and supports current smartphone and desktop Email client applications. You can access all addresses, calendars, and contacts using your choice of client applications, including Outlook.

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Amazon Workmail provides enterprise-level data protection with AWS Key Management Service. It enables your emails and data to be completely controlled and allows you to handle it the way you want. You can store your Emails and files up to 50GB.

10. GoDaddy

GoDaddy Supports your business with Emails, providing an ever-lasting impression to customers. It contains easily usable functions such as addresses, schedules, a webmail portal, and activities. The Emails perform very well on a wide variety of platforms, including laptops and smartphones, to keep the Email up-to-date.

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You can conveniently configure your Email address to make it exclusive and attractive while maintaining a professional look with ad-free plans. It helps you to check your email attachments before you send them and use a webmail hub to navigate your online area using individual widgets like sports, weather, news, and more.


Email is emerging with fresh and creative features that allow you to connect with clients and prospects smoothly. Corporate Email will not only give your business a professional look and increase your brand awareness. You can conveniently handle Emails, protect your information and create trust with your clients using Email hosting services. Hence, we hope the above article will help you with different Email hosting services for businesses and startups.